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Canapes/Dessert Menus




Cold Canapés


4 items per person £4.50

5 items per person £5.50

6 items per person £6.50


Salmon with soft cheese and dil

Brie with chutney on mini biscuit/blinis

Pate on toast

cheese and black olive wrapped in Pepperoni

Melon, mozzarella and ham on mini skewer

vegetable spring roll with sweet chilli sauce

brie, bacon and grape

mozzarella, baby tomato or olive with fresh basil

stick honey and mustard sausages

mini chicken skewers with satay sauce

Watermelon brie bites with balsamic glaze


Canapes are served on silver platters and handed out to guests if required.


Desserts with hot beverages


£6.50 per head served with tea and coffee

reduced to £4.50 when included with any Finger Buffet


Chocolate Fudge Brownies with raspberries and fresh cream

Seasonal fruit platters

Profiteroles with fresh pouring cream

Cheesecake with fresh pouring cream

Strawberry/Raspberry Trifle

Mini Victoria Sponges filled with fresh cream

Tiramisu with cream



Cheese tower starting @ £169.00 which normally caters between 100-130 guests depending on how much they like cheese, also comes with crackers, pickles and grapes



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